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Main Titles 00:59
Welcome 00:27
Piles of old shrunken heads warmly welcome you A taxidermied owl whispers "Welcome", too The Loon Attic The place where all broken strings go but still remain so Stubbornly out of tune and all askew Kind of just like me and you Loon Attic is calling to All the broken little shrews
I didn't know The carvings on the wall were from so long ago They seem to show Some kind of language I can see it in the glow Of my torchlight I think I might fail if I read it though. We always knew the day would come When we would shrivel in the sun And crumble like a stone It seems to me The language on the wall was written urgently To warn our kind That we will share the fate of people left behind That time chewed up and spit them out of the mouth like slime
8th Wonder 02:02
Making a sound previously unheard by any human being Moving at speeds previously unseen by any research team Wonders of the world Legends of the age There once was seven but she is the eighth. Climb every ocean Swim every mountain Just to guarantee you next to me The way she talks not unlike Jack's beanstalk is something magical. Her piercing eyes not unlike blackbird pies are a sight to behold Wonders of the world Rare and ornate There once was seven but she is the eighth Dodge every stairway Ascend every obstacle Just to guarantee you next to me
Treacle 02:27
Should I be scared of voices in my head filling me with dread? Or is it just old "witch anxiety" with a hex on me? Wish that I could tell what I shouldn't feel from what's really real Am I mad or just a gentle soul in a brutal world? Take a cup of treacle Poor it on the people who give me a dead stare When I try to explain what's happening with my brain But I'm not even sure if it's there
Peace of mind can be yours If you put a few of these in your mouth (They're shiny and round) We can be harmony If we spread all of these little seeds on our bodies (Put them in your mouth) Wait! There's more! Don't change that dial I've got something else to tell you about So don't leave that couch
Box of Flies 03:04
In my room there is a box of flies with a lock on it Everyone knows not to touch my insects Everyone knows not to touch my friends They're insects
Why do strings mean I can't marry her? I want to marry a marionette What a strange thing that I cannot marry a marionette She's made of wood and she's so good She's made of strings and other things What a strange thing that I cannot marry a marionette I want a marionette wedding
Thumbs 03:02
In her dreams she sees a thumb A really big, big one I wonder why she dreams of thumbs It comes towards her face A very scary pace I wonder why she dreams of thumbs She's seeing thumbs and I know it sounds dumb But I fear every thumb that I do see now I think the digits of giants and midgets are conspiring to bring our world down In her dreams she sees a thumb It's a big one I wonder why Now I am always seeing thumbs Time after time It makes me cry
Her fingernails are longer than her life expectancy Which is not very long Yet still she breathes in and dwells within her cobwebs in the attic The Loon Attic What put me here? Through a peephole she watches with envy and sadness She cannot fathom our lives of luxury and hope The rats her liasons The ants her spies She controls the town like puppets on strings She is the Madame Spider We are all the larvae and puppies of the Madame Spider They don't know that she's up there in the attic The Loon Attic The Madame Spider
Reprise 00:49
Locked up in a cell Road-based ne'er-do-well Never thought that things would go This way for Mr. Toad He always followed Fads that come and go Probably should have stayed at home And messed about in boats No sweets until you eat all of your bubble and squeak Our friend in the wood Uncommonly good But the others in there though Sharp teeth and eyes that glow Their deceit and crime So different from my comfortable hidey hole Under the dirt and soil
A Myriad 01:37
Everybody thinks I'm dumb But I've got ravens and worms in my brain I'm full of a myriad of smart things Fill me up with mud and leaves But don't forget the centipedes (They sing) I'm full of a myriad of pretty things I may look like a pile of garbage But my strengths and assets get a lot of mileage I'm a sewn up trash man and I've got something to say Myriad of things inside of me Like a dog from head to toe with fleas I'm a bag of magic and nothing to sneeze at, baby
Nameless 01:42
Woke up in Sigil On a mortuary slab To the wisecracking skull And tattoos on my back What can change the nature of a man?
I'm gonna take a train To the Hourglass Sanatorium Where is time is not like time is right here
Sign your name on the dotted line Agreeing not to waste my time I thought I was paralyzed When you read your prose to me that time You are not Walt Whitman You're a literary hitman Murdering all nuance Syllables as weapons I cannot sit by and abide Sign your name on the dotted line The isotopes will flow together And I should I know I faired the weather (Poems are not tools of destruction) (Language is not word reproduction) "Wasn't Beethoven the one who's blind?" Isn't that what you replied When I tried to imply Ludwig was my favorite guy Like Babydoll you're eager And a magazine reader A face in every crowd On the waterfront I'm seethin' I can't believe that you replied, "Wasn't Beethoven the one who's blind?"
Cheesecake 01:32
Wait for it to come up in conversation Don't interject that you would enjoy some cheesecake Excuse my table manners but, gentlemen, I see a spanner With the right of way. Hey. All day I watch TV with ovaltine and plastic gloves The birds in suits with purple boots will take me away Wait for the peacock's feathers to expand
He dusts statues of wood from the competition Up in his private floor Down in the kitchen sweltering heat Down in the kitchen hooks hang with meat How can a worm become a winged beast? Scheming and plotting will work at least The slender watchman steps out To check on everyone's movements His footsteps clomp on the floor She has so many birds within her bedroom And the girl with the heart-shaped face from before They are twins of the exact mind They get a visit from young Steerpike He imagines the baby's face Another Groan. Another disgrace.
Wastebin 02:07
I have no cares at all Threw them all away in the wastebin They're still there if you want some You can have some because I don't need them anymore In this new day and age You can't have it all And you soon will find If you have it all You're not quite as happy as you thought you'd be
Could have been anyone else Under this sun of ours Under the clouds and stars Loudly they chime the bells Loudly they chime over time and that's why It bodes well Could have loved anything more From the tall mountains and treacherous valleys On down to the saltiest shore Down to the saltiest shore I assure It bodes well IT BODES WELL!!! Why did you go and choose me? It's so confusing To you it's amusing but I hardly feel so worthy I hardly feel so worthy to appeal to a star such as you And the bells they approve And the beaches will swoon And the mountains will move It bodes well
Pitter patter on tin roof A dog barks Echoes through the moors Saturnine showers fall onto all of us all Why do they fall onto us all?
I know why you feel shy sometimes Know how to fix it I'll certainly try Every single time I see your eyes I feel like I'm Going far away and I'm no longer who I even I I bought you a beekeeper's suit For your birthday I hope that you enjoy it and wear it a lot
O Merry Land 02:17
O Merry Land Shore that I come from Does it even matter where somebody comes from? If it does I'm glad I'm from there Frank Z was from there before he moved to California Skipjacks at sea Blue crabs at "Stony's" Driving to Prince Frederick Maybe see a movie O Chesapeake Harmonica melodies Late in life discovery Of a bunch of Muffins


released March 28, 2017

All songs composed by Nick Prol.
Produced by Ian Beabout & Ben Spees.
© Copyright 2017 Daba Da Recordings

The Proletarians are:

Nick Prol - Vocals, Guitar, Misc. Cacophonous Calamity
Ben Spees - Bass, Misc. Aural Alchemy
Connor Reilly - Drums
Dave Newhouse - Woodwinds

Guest Players (in order of appearance):
Evyenia Karapolous, Charlie Cawood, Moe Staiano, Dave Willey, Paul Sears, Bob Drake, Mohadev, Thymme Jones, Oliver Grant Campbell, Michael Dawson, Carla Diratz, Matt Lebofsky, Dominique D'Avanzo, Emanuele Sterbini, Nathan James, Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth, Anthony Garone, Rob Crow, R Stevie Moore

1) Main Titles
Ben - Piano, Bass, Chimes, Accordion
Dave - Woodwinds
Nick - Voice of "Filligrew"

2) Welcome
Nick - Backing Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Ben - Bouzouki
Feat. Evyenia Karapolous - Lead Vocals

3.) Carvings on the Wall
Nick - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Sax
Dave - Woodwinds
Connor - Drums
Feat. Charlie Cawood - Bass, Guitar
Moe Staiano - Glockenspiel, Marimba
Evyenia Karapolous & Nathan James - Backing Vocals

4) 8th Wonder
Nick - Vocals, Guitar
Feat. Dave Willey - Accordion, Bass, "Cruddy Mandolin"
Paul Sears - Drums
Mo Ha Dev - Guitar Solo

5) Treacle
Nick - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Ben - Bass
Dave - Woodwinds
Connor - Drums
Feat. Moe Staiano - Percussion

6) Shiny and Round
Nick - Vocals, Guitar
Feat. Thymme Jones - Drums, Trumpet, Moog
Oliver Campbell - Bass

7) Box of Flies
Nick - Piano, Guitar, Sax, Backing Vocals
Dave - Woodwinds
Ben - Toy Piano, Fretless Bass
Connor - Drums
Feat. Bob Drake - Lead Vocals, Voice of "Filligrew"
Mo Ha Dev - Guitar Solo

8) Marry Annette
Nick - Vocals, Guitar
Ben - Bass
Connor - Drums
Feat. Michael Dawson - Flute

9) Thumbs
Nick - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Dave - Woodwinds
Connor - Drums

10) Madame Spider
Nick - Guitar, Piano, Various Cacophony
Dave - Woodwinds
Ben - Microtonal guitar, Dulcimer
Connor - Misc. Percussion
Feat. Carla Diratz - Lead Vocals
Paul Sears - Percussion

11) Reprise
Dave - Baritone Sax
Ben - Electric Piano, Chimes, Bass, "Spy Guitar"

12) Bubble & Squeak
Nick - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Dave - Woodwinds
Ben - Fretless Bass, Backing Vocals
Connor - drums

13) A Myriad
Nick - Vocals, Piano
Ben - Bass
Connor - Drums
Feat. Emanuele Sterbini -
Backing Vocals
Dominique D'avanzo -
Backing Vocals,
Bass Clarinet
Additonal Mixing - Nathan James

14) Magazine Reader
Nick - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Ben - Fretless Bass, Backing Vocals
Connor - Drums
Feat. Evyenia Karapolous - Backing Vocals

15) Nameless
Nick - Vocals, Guitar
Ben - Bass
Connor - Drums
Feat. Matt Lebofsky - Keyboard

16) Under The Bed
Nick - Vocals, Guitar
Wojciech Has - Inspiration

17) Cheesecake
Nick - Vocals, Guitar
Ben - Bass
Connor - Drums
Feat. Matt Lebofsky - Mellotron, Piano

18) Another Groan
Nick - Vocals, Guitar
Ben - Bass
Feat. Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth - Drums
Anthony Garone - Guitar Solo

19) Wastebin
Nick - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Xylophone,
Dave - Woodwinds

20) It Bodes Well
Nick - Vocals, Guitar
Ben - Fretless bass, Backing vocals, Bells
Connor - Drums
Feat. Oliver Campbell - Screams

21) Saturnine Showers
Nick - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Dave - Woodwinds
Connor - Drums

22) Beekeeper’s Suit
Nick - Lead Vocals
Ben - Backing Vocals
Feat. R. Stevie Moore - Acoustic Guitar
(Chords by Tim Burgess)
Humming, Sad Trumpet, Harpsichord, Scatting
Rob Crow - Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

23) O Merry Land
Nick - Lead Vocals, Piano, Sax
Dave - Woodwinds, Recorder, Keyboard
Ben - Piano, Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals, Chimes, Harmonica
Connor - Drums


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Nick Prol & The Proletarians Tucson, Arizona

Blending the catchy hooks of pop with the experimental sounds of avant-prog and "Rock In Opposition", Nick Prol & The Proletarians serve to you their own psychedelic bowl of art rock soup they call "Pop in Opposition". Don't mind the flies.

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